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Yamazaki Whiskey

Yamazaki Whiskey is a whiskey elaborated in Japan. Yamazaki is the oldest distillery in the country, built in 1923 on the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital and stronghold of traditional Japanese culture. Yamazaki in the valley, north of Mount Tennozan, confluence of Katsura,http://brewerri.com/yamazaki-whiskey/ Uji and Kizu rivers. Fog covers this area of ​​dense groves bambúdurante most of the year due to the difference in the water temperature of the three rivers. The unique terrain of the valley, nestled between a plain basin, moist air and provide an ideal climate for the production of Japanese whiskey own climate differs considerably from the Scottish distilleries.

Aging: 12 years.

Tasting notes: Golden color. Medium body. On the nose the aromatic cedar, golden honey, cloves and candied orange peel is appreciated. The first perceived taste is the spicy wood, followed by dried cranberries mixed with a persistent orange marmalade and honey. The finish is pleasantly long and persistent, with woody notes.

His 12 year old from Yamazaki first came onto the market in 1984 and was the first seriously marketed Japanese single malt whisk.

Yamazaki Reserve Bottling Note

Released in Spring 2014, this is one of two Distiller’s Reserve single malt whiskies from Suntory in Japan. This single malt from the Yamazaki distillery is jam-packed with superb red berry notes, gained from the whisky being matured in Bordeaux wine casks and Sherry casks. It also features malt matured in Mizunara casks, adding subtle fragrant oak notes.

A Japanese single malt whisky, The Yamazaki 12 Year is known for its “noble” aroma. It hails from Kyoto, the capital of ancient Japan, which takes its nobility status up a notch or two. The Yamazaki 12 Year is considered the nation’s premier single malt whisky, but it’s safe to say that whisky fans around the globe appreciate this award-winning spirit. Since 1984, The Yamazaki Distillery has produced its Single Malt 12 Year. Its mash bill boasts 100 percent malted barley, and its cask-aged in The Yamazaki Distillery for 12 years before being bottled and arriving at your front door.