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Skyy Vodka

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Skyy Vodka provides a rich, clear flavor pleasing to your taste. http://brewerri.com/skyy-vodka/The 1.75 Liter Skyy should last you a little while. With its unique, semi-sweet blend of bean and cocoa, this patriotic favorite can be enjoyed as a celebration for our upcoming presidential inauguration or as a treat at your local tailgating party. Because it is an American original, it adds a festive twist to your Fourth of July barbecue!

USA- This vodka presents a clean, crisp aroma with a hint of grain sweetness. The body is medium, the palate clean with some slightly nutty flavors peeking through. Uses a four-column distillation and triple filtration system. Enjoy neat or in martinis.

Skyy Infusions Pineapple is created through a proprietary process, where real fruit is infused into smooth Skyy Vodka, creating a “true-to-fruit taste experience bursting with the explosive essence of sweet Pineapple.

SKYY Vodka is the brand that started it all. It was first conceived in 1992 by an inventor looking to create the world’s smoothest vodka.  revolutionized the spirits industry with its proprietary quadruple-distillation and triple-filtration process that consistently ensures exceptional quality. Distilled in America with grain from the Midwest and 100% pure filtered water, SKYY Vodka is the leading domestic super-premium vodka in the US.  80 Proof.

SKYY vodka is the first quadruple distilled, triple filtered premium American vodka created in San Francisco in 1992. SKYY Infusions is made with a proprietary process that delivers “true-to-fruit” taste while keeping SKYY’s signature smoothness 40% Alcohol by Volume. This super-premium vodka is distilled in America from American grain.  is processed through a four-column distillation and three-step filtration system to ensure exceptional quality.