Brewery: Bavaria/Swinkels
Style: pilsner
Alcohol content: 0%
Calories: 79 (per 330ml)
Carbohydrates: 19.1g (per 330ml)
Sugar: 10.2g (per 330ml)
Ingredients: water, barley, wheat, hops
Country: Netherlands
Dispense: bottle (330ml)

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The brewery has used the Bavaria name since 1925, despite being more than 400 miles away from the state’s capital, Munich. In the early 2000s, it had a bit of a ding dong with the Bavarian Brewers Association about its use of the term. In the end, the European Court of Justice ruled it could continue using it.

Swinkels produces more than 10 beers under the Bavaria brand, including several alcohol-free varieties. “0.0%” was its first, sold as early as 1978 and then known as “Bavaria Malt”.


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