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Johnnie walker double black label

Johnnie walker double black label taking cues from the unparalleled flavors of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Master Blender Jim Beveridge struck out to craft a blend that would take the intensity of Black to unexplored territory.

Johnnie walker double black label

A limited edition blended whisky, created in the style of Johnnie Walker Black Label but with a rich, more intense, smokier flavour.

It’s created through blending selected aged whiskies that are naturally smoky and rich in character, with those matured in deep charred old oak caks, the Master Blender has created a whisky of real character and depth of taste.

In 1909 Johnnie Walker’s whiskies received a colour coding instead of names. Thus, the bottle with a red label became the Johnnie Walker Red Label and those with a black one were named Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Today the whisky’s titles are still based on a colour scheme and the Black Label is still part of the distillery’s product range. More than a century after the first Black Label was introduced, its sibling the Johnnie Walker Double Black was launched.

Johnnie walker double black label

In 2011, it entered the travel retail first and is communicated as the darker and smokier version of the Black Label. Its aroma is a great combination of a smooth clinical smoke, vanilla, raisins, apples, citrus and a whiff of tar.

On the palate a fresh fruitiness is accompanied with a fine level of smoke. Sweet vanilla meets spices and a slight bitterness. The finish has still some smoke to offer. Furthermore, hints of an oaky bitterness and peppery nuances are present.

The Johnnie Walker Double Black is a creation of the Master Blender Jim Beveridge. In order to form its darker and smokier character, the spirit matured in charred casks.

This preparation of the barrels leads to a different interaction between liquid and wood and is therefore producing distinctive aromas.

In addition, the proportion of the contained malts is changed insofar as the whiskies from the Scottish west coast and the islands play a more important role. Those spirits from the western part of Scotland bring the peaty nuances and make this blend a real Double Black.

The history of Johnnie Walker, who was the son of a farmer and grew up close to Kilmarnock, started in the first half of the 19th century.

When John’s father died the young bloke decided to sell the farm and opened a corner shop. There he sold whiskies and was the first who created blends.

Walker mixed various single malts in order to provide a constant quality and taste of his products. Costumers around the world appreciated it and still do so today.