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Effen Vodka

Establishment: Effen Vodka begins with 100% premium wheat from Northern France. Wheat contains the most perfect sort of starch – one that is amazingly low in unsaturated fats. The outcome is a luxurious, smooth fluid.

FILTRATION: Effen Vodka is separated through a section of dynamic carbon – a strategy surely understood to convey ideal filtration.

Refining: EFFEN® utilizes consistent refining, where the fluid courses inside mammoth treated steel sections and is viably refined many occasions. Warming during refining happens at temperatures beneath 85 degrees making a vodka with no hints of consumed sugar. It is a significant distinction you can taste and smell – perfect and unadulterated – with no ‘off notes’.

HYDRATION: EFFEN® sources its water from a for all intents and purposes immaculate common neighborhood store. At that point, utilizing a procedure known as ‘Turn around Osmosis,’ pressure driven siphons power the unadulterated spring water upward vertically through a progression of channels and a particular film. This upward weight improves the expulsion of polluting influences rather than standard filtration. The layer is uniquely made to evacuate even the littlest pollutions.